How to Build Roles Like an Identity Pro

Relying on outdated methods to manage user access is both a constant struggle and a persistent risk to your business. Manually keeping track of users and entitlements is costly, time-consuming, and daunting. But with a modern role-based approach, you can embrace a smarter, simpler, more secure way to manage user access.

Learn how to simplify identity governance and build roles like an identity pro, especially as your organization grows or changes. Watch this on-demand video to learn how one-click role creation can transform access management, and safeguard your critical data, systems, and platforms. Find out how to quickly build roles easily and accurately by integrating with your existing data across enterprise applications and platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Okta. And learn just how easy it is to enforce least privilege access and create roles that build lasting value in your organization.

During this video, we examine:

  • What it means to leverage a modern role-based approach and why it’s essential for managing access in your business
  • Challenges you need to overcome in building roles for least privilege access
  • How to easily create accurate roles that meet the needs of your organization
  • How to streamline and simplify role creation to integrate with the data and infrastructure you already have
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Ready to Build Roles Like an Identity Pro?

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