7 Ways Hackers Look to Exploit Your State & Local Governments

Why governments are attractive opportunities for hackers and how to prevent it

Whether you work for the City Water Department or the Department of Tax and Revenue for your county, you are collecting data that is critical to not only your job – but for all of the organizations and people that work and live within your territory, a very attractive opportunity for hackers.

There are 7 common ways hackers try to get into state and local government networks. In this guide you'll get:

  • Descriptions of each type, a couple of which might surprise you
  • Real-world examples of why hackers want data in that way
  • Strategies for protecting against common hacker methods

We know attackers are out there, just one step away from reaching sensitive data in your territory.

Download the guide today to get well-versed on what you can do to protect your government agency.