Connector API

Seamless data flow between systems and applications

Business applications don’t exist in silos. Data flows between systems and applications across the organization to provide a ‘big picture’ view of the state-of-the-business and provide important data that you need to run the business. It’s no different for the management of the identities in your business - to successfully manage access, you need to have the data flow enabled between your identity solution, your human resource solution, your pay management solution, your benefits solution, your email server, and your many business applications.

Our Connector API features an innovative, easy to use toolkit that works with any web- services enabled target system based on each organization’s unique business processes.


Quick to Connect

No more waiting to connect. Our Connector API works with any web-services enabled system, reducing deployment time. If your target system does not have a web-services capability, you can create an API request handler for the Connector API to talk to, making connecting to the application a speedy process. You can now use these time savings to focus on other critical business tasks.


Easy to Deploy

With the Connector API, you create your own connector and easily manage the configuration. There is no need for specialized developer skills to deploy this new connector from Core Security. Deployment is a configuration task. And even if you need to create an API request handler for non-web service integrations, you can write this handler using whatever modern programming language with which your development team is already familiar.


You are in Control

Reconfiguring the connector is simply a task of plugging in updated URLs. Even if changes to the functionality are required to support new business application functionality, you no longer need to rely on our team or our implementation partners to rewrite the connector. You simply modify your API request handler – code that you or a certified partner have written and can change easily and quickly.

Instead of relying on any one technique or a snapshot in time, Core Network Insight operates in real-time and gathers evidence over time. Network Insight produces actionable intelligence using multiple techniques: 

  1. Analyze network traffic using patent-pending communication and risk profilers 
  2.  Passes information to the Case Analyzer which determines, with certainty, the infection status 
  3. Provides responders with a definitive verdict and forensic evidence about infected devices and their risk level
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One hundred percent of the machines that [Network Insight] has identified as infected have in fact been infected.

Global Family Entertainment Enterprise
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Connector API:

  • Is quick to connect
  • Is easy to deploy
  • Gives you the control