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Ready to Get Ahead of Malicious Threats?

Network Insight is an agentless advanced threat detection solution that intelligently hunts and identifies infections lurking in your environment. Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are confirmed with certainty, eliminating false positives and prioritizing risk. This reduces dwell time, allowing security teams to act fast before it's too late.

Why Choose Network Insight? 

Network Insight provides maximum visibility into threat-related activities with features like: 

  • Intelligent detection: Network Insight captures device behavior in real time, and uses its context aware threat engine to identify and confirm infection. Network Insight only sounds the alarm when an infection has been definitively proven with a case file full of evidence.
  •  Coverage for every device: As an agentless and platform agnostic solution, Network Insight allows security teams to ensure that every endpoint in your environment is being monitored. No device is left behind, including security cameras, video conference units, MRIs, CT machines, or SCADA systems.
  •  Comprehensive threat database:  With so many sensors gathering invaluable data on threats in the wild, Core Security has created a threat database with helpful information on these malicious entities, like characteristics, severity levels, and research findings.