Core Impact

Penetration testing software to safely uncover and exploit security weaknesses


Core Impact is designed to enable security teams to conduct advanced penetration tests with ease. With guided automation and certified exploits, the powerful penetration testing software enables you to safely test your environment using the same techniques as today's adversaries. 

Replicate attacks across network infrastructure, endpoints, web, and applications to reveal exploited vulnerabilities, empowering you to immediately remediate risks.

Simple enough for your first test, powerful enough for the rest.


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Rapid Penetration Testing

Use automated Rapid Penetration Tests (RPTs) to discover, test, and report in just a few simple steps.

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Core Certified Exploits

Test with confidence using a trusted platform designed and supported by experts for more than 20 years.

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Centralized Toolset

Maximize resources by gathering information, exploiting systems, and generating reports, all in one place.

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Key Features


Guided Automation

Core Impact's Rapid Penetration Tests (RPTs) are accessible automations designed to automate common and repetitive tasks. These high-level tests help optimize the use of your security resources by simplifying processes, maximizing efficiency, and enabling pen testers to focus on more complex issues.

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See product features in action in this quick demo of Core Impact.

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Maximize Testing Visibility


Use Core Impact's attack map to get a real-time overview of attack chains, pivoting and any other activities completed during testing. This network graph view provides visual insight that allows security teams to better determine the best path forward in the testing engagement.

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Product Specifications

Platforms Monitored

Core Impact runs on Windows and helps you test the following types of platforms:

  • Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Cloud (Public, Private, Hybrid)
  • Databases
  • Web Services
  • Network Appliances
  • Software Applications
  • Your Critical Data

Offensive Security Bundles

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Did you know Core Impact works with Frontline Vulnerability Manager and Cobalt Strike adversary simulation to create multi-layer offensive security solution bundles? These bundles allow you to assemble a proactive security portfolio that best fits your organization. They also provide efficiencies, such as centralization and reduced console fatigue, that will optimize your team resources and strengthen your security program -- all at a discounted price. 


Common Use Cases


Automate the Routine

Automate the Routine

With Core Impact, you can easily automate routine testing, including proving PCI compliance, to maximize your resources, reserving third-party testing for your most robust and complex requests.


Vulnerability Scans

Give Your Vulnerability Scans an Ally

Core Impact validates vulnerabilities identified through more than 20 popular scanners, helping you prioritize remediation for your greatest security risks.​

Measure Security Awareness

Measure Security Awareness

Use the ransomware simulator and Core Impact’s dynamic phishing capabilities to find out which employees are susceptible to these attacks and which critical data is most at risk.


Validate Remediation Effectiveness

Validate Remediation Effectiveness

Re-test exploited systems after a penetration test to verify that remediation measures or compensating controls are effective and working.​


“What takes us three hours to do manually takes ten minutes with an automated tool like Core Impact, so it makes my day easier."

Roger Colón, Jr., Chief Information Security Officer

See Core Impact in Action

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Conduct advanced penetration tests with ease and efficiency. See how Core Impact can streamline pen testing in your environment by requesting a free trial.


Regulatory Compliance Support

Penetration testing is a vital way to stay compliant and prove adherence to external mandates. Core Impact helps organizations better protect their sensitive data and supports multiple regulations, including:

Winner of the 2023 Cybersecurity Excellence Award

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