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Core Impact Threat Intelligence Exploits, Security and Penetration Testing Updates

We provide real-time updates including new penetration testing exploits and tests for additional platforms as they become available. We advise you of any new modules by email, after which you can download them directly from within Core Impact. All product updates are free during the license period. You're always on the cutting edge of vulnerability and threat intelligence because Core Impact keeps you there.

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Title Description Vulnerabilty Categorysort descending Platform
VX Search Enterprise POST Buffer Overflow Exploit VX Search Enterprise is prone to a buffer overflow via an empty POST request to a long URI beginning with a /../ substring. CVE-2017-15220 Exploits/Remote Windows
Remote Exploits Invalid Characters Update This update corrects a typo defining invalid characters for the egg in some remote exploits, and improves the reliability of Now SMS MMS Gateway Web Authorization Buffer Overflow Exploit on Windows 2000 targets. CVE-2007-4440 Exploits/Remote Windows
MSRPC Novell Netware Client EnumPrinters() Buffer Overflow Exploit Novell Client for Netware is prone to a buffer overflow vulnerability on the nwspool.dll that could permit the execution of arbitrary remote code. A remote attacker can exploit this vulnerability to execute arbitrary code and completely compromise the computer. This module exploits this vulnerability and installs an agent. CVE-2008-0639 Exploits/Remote Windows
IBM Lotus Domino BMP parsing Buffer Overflow Exploit Update 2 IBM Domino is vulnerable to a stack-based buffer overflow, caused by improper bounds checking when parsing BMP images. By sending a specially-crafted bitmap image, a remote attacker could overflow a buffer and execute arbitrary code on the system or make the application crash. This version add encryption. CVE-2015-1903 Exploits/Remote Windows
FreeFloat FTP Server Reply Buffer Overflow Exploit FreeFloat FTP server is prone to a buffer-overflow vulnerability when handling overly long replies. NOCVE-9999-46263 Exploits/Remote Windows
Steamcast GET Request Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit A boundary error can be exploited to cause a stack-based buffer overflow by sending a specially crafted GET HTTP request with an overly long path to the web server. CVE-2008-0550 Exploits/Remote Windows
Tikiwiki graph_formula Remote Code Execution Exploit tiki-graph_formula.php in TikiWiki 1.9.8 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via PHP sequences in the f array parameter, which will be processed by the create_function. CVE-2007-5423 Exploits/Remote Solaris, Linux
Mantis Manage_proj_page Remote Code Execution Exploit Update 3 This update adds support for Solaris platforms. CVE-2008-4687 Exploits/Remote Solaris, Linux, Windows, AIX, Mac OS X
MSRPC Netware Client CSNW Overflow exploit update This module exploits a buffer overflow in Client Service for NetWare (CSNW) in Microsoft Windows allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via crafted messages. CVE-2006-4688 Exploits/Remote Windows
OpenBSD IPv6 mbuf Remote Exploit This module exploits a buffer overflow vulnerability in the OpenBSD kernel; the exploit uses fragmented ICMPv6 packets to take complete control of a target system. CVE-2007-1365 Exploits/Remote OpenBSD
Citrix Provisioning Services streamprocess Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit Update This module exploits a remote buffer overflow in the streamprocess.exe service included in the Citrix Provisioning Services application by sending a malformed packet to the 6905/UDP port. This update fixes an issue in the agent connector. NOCVE-9999-46895 Exploits/Remote Windows
SAP GUI SAPLPD Multiple Command Buffer Overflow Exploit Buffer overflow in SAPLPD 6.28 and earlier included in SAP GUI 7.10 and SAPSprint before 1018 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via long arguments to the (1) 0x01, (2) 0x02, (3) 0x03, (4) 0x04, and (5) 0x05 LPD commands. CVE-2008-0621 Exploits/Remote Windows
PHP memory_limit exploit This module exploits a vulnerability in the memory_limit function in PHP and installs a level0 agent. CVE-2004-0594 Exploits/Remote Linux
AllMediaServer HTTP Request Buffer Overflow Exploit AllMediaServer is prone to a buffer overflow when handling specially crafted HTTP request packets. NOCVE-9999-100718 Exploits/Remote Windows
Conficker Detector Exploit Update This module connects to a remote target via any exposed DCE RPC endpoints and fingerprints them to determine if the machine appears to be compromised by the Conficker worm. This update adds RPT capabilities. NOCVE-9999-37300 Exploits/Remote Windows
Borland InterBase Remote Integer Overflow Exploit This module exploits a buffer overflow vulnerability in the database service (ibserver.exe) of the Borland InterBase 2007 application. The exploit triggers an integer overflow and causes a stack-based buffer overflow by sending a specially crafted packet to port 3050/TCP of the vulnerable system and installs an agent if successful. CVE-2008-2559 Exploits/Remote Windows
Netmechanica NetDecision HTTP Server Buffer Overflow Exploit A buffer overflow in NetDecision's HTTP service is exploited when a long URL is managed by the HTTP Server's active window. For successfull exploitation, the victim need to have the HttpSvr's window open. CVE-2012-1465 Exploits/Remote Windows
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Authentication Bypass Exploit This module exploit three different vulnerabilities in Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) in order to install an agent on a vunlerable target machine. CVE-2015-1486 allows unauthenticated attackers access to SEPM. CVE-2015-1487 allows reading and writing arbitrary files, resulting in the execution of arbitrary commands with 'NT Service\semsrv' privileges. CVE-2015-1489 allows the execution of arbitrary OS commands with 'NT Authority\SYSTEM' privileges. CVE-2015-1486 Exploits/Remote Windows
HP Intelligent Management Center mibFileUpload Servlet Remote Exploit This module exploits a remote code execution vulnerability in HP Intelligent Management Center by using the "mibFileUpload" servlet to upload an arbitrary .JSP file. CVE-2012-5201 Exploits/Remote Windows, Linux
e107 Install Script Command Injection Exploit Update This update appends support for solaris and Mac OS X. CVE-2011-1513 Exploits/Remote Windows, Solaris, Linux, Mac OS X
ProFTPD Telnet IAC Buffer Overflow Exploit This module exploits a stack overflow vulnerability in proftpd in order to install an agent. The vulnerability is within the function pr_netio_telnet_gets(). The issue is triggered when processing specially crafted Telnet IAC packets delivered to the FTP server. CVE-2010-4221 Exploits/Remote AIX, FreeBSD
Mantis Manage_proj_page Remote Code Execution This module exploits a Remote Code Execution vulnerability in Mantis version 1.1.3 caused by Mantis handling the sort parameter in manage_proj_page without the proper validation. This allows for remote code execution on Mantis' Web server. CVE-2008-4687 Exploits/Remote Linux
Microsoft WINS Exploit (MS08-034) A memory corruption vulnerability in the ChkNtfSock function of wins.exe allows remote code execution. The WINS service listens on more than one UDP port (it listens on 42/udp and also on a dynamic UDP port). This attack targets the dynamic udp port, thus it requires the identification of such dynamic port by the user. This can be accomplished by running a port scanner module such as the 'Port Scanner - UDP' module. CVE-2008-1451 Exploits/Remote none
HP OpenView Performance Agent coda.exe Opcode 0x34 Buffer Overflow Exploit A buffer overflow exists in coda.exe process which listens on a random TCP port by default. The process trusts a value within a GET request as a size then proceeds to copy that many bytes of user-supplied data into a fixed-length buffer on the stack. CVE-2012-2019 Exploits/Remote Windows
Eaton ELCSoft ELCSimulator Buffer Overflow Exploit The specific flaw exists within the processing of network TCP requests by ELCSimulator.exe. A crafted request will cause a stack buffer overflow. CVE-2016-4512 Exploits/Remote Windows
HP OpenView NNM jovgraph displayWidth Buffer Overflow Exploit This module exploits a stack-based buffer overflow in the jovgraph.exe CGI application, a component of HP OpenView Network Node Manager, by sending a specially crafted packet. CVE-2011-0261 Exploits/Remote Windows
CA XOsoft Control Service entry_point.aspx Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit This module exploits a remote buffer overflow vulnerability in the entry_point.aspx login page of CA XOsoft Control Service. CVE-2010-1223 Exploits/Remote Windows
Microsoft Windows ERRATICGOPHER SMB Remote Code Execution Update ErraticGopher exploits a memory corruption (seems to be a Heap Overflow) in the Windows DCE-RPC Call MIBEntryGet. This version adds XP SP3 support. NOCVE-9999-87537 Exploits/Remote Windows
CA Total Defense UNCWS Web Service deleteReportFilter Remote Code Execution Exploit The UNCWS Web Service component of CA Total Defense listens for SOAP requests. The deleteReportFilter method makes use of the uncsp_DeleteFilter stored procedure, which is vulnerable to SQL Injection. CVE-2011-1653 Exploits/Remote Windows
Oracle WebLogic Server commons-collections Java Library Deserialization Vulnerability Remote Code Execution Exploit Update Oracle WebLogic Server is prone to a remote vulnerability due to deserialization of untrusted inputs, allowing attackers to instantiate arbitrary Java objects leading to remote code execution. This update add proper CVE number and more supported platforms. CVE-2015-4852 Exploits/Remote Solaris, Windows, Linux