Core Impact Price: Tiered Pen Testing Plans

Find the best penetration testing pricing plan to assess risk within your organizational infrastructure.

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Core Impact is an automated pen testing tool that enables safe testing of IT infrastructures using the same techniques as today's adversaries. Swiftly gather information, exploit security weaknesses, generate reports, and prioritize remediation efforts, all in one centralized toolset.

Penetration testing pricing should be as flexible as the tool itself. Core Impact's tiered model provides the versatility needed to allow organizations to build their pen testing program at a reasonable pace and price.

In addition to our three tiers, you also have the option of bundling Core Impact with Cobalt Strike. This threat emulation tool is ideal for post-exploitation and Red Team exercises, simulating the tactics and techniques of a quiet long-term embedded threat actor in an IT network. To further mature your security assessments, Core Impact and Cobalt Strike can also be bundled with Outflank Security Tooling (OST), a a curated set of offensive security tools that focus on stealth and evasion. These complementary solutions can be used together to amplify your efforts to proactively reduce risk, with interoperability capabilities to provide a holistic testing experience.

Compare our pricing plans below to find the one that's right for you. The following chart reflects US-only pricing.

Core Impact







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Network Testing




Client Side Testing  



Web Application Testing    


Wifi/Mobile Testing    


Add-On Exploit Pack Integration*    



Rapid Penetration Tests




Test Modules












Remote Exploitation




Unlimited IP Testing Scope










CloudCypher Access  





Teaming Capabilities    


Support Customer Portal and email support Customer Portal and email support Phone, Customer Portal and email support

Cobalt Strike

Annual License

as low as



* When bundled with other offensive security products.

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Core Impact Interoperability








Advanced Bundle - Core Impact + Cobalt Strike

With Core Impact Basic



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With Core Impact Pro



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With Core Impact Enterprise

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*Additional SCADA, Medical, and IoT exploits are available for Core Impact Enterprise customers, but they are not included in the list price and may be purchased as an add-on.

With Every Core Impact Pricing Plan, You’ll Receive:

Intuitive automation wizards to swiftly discover, test, and report.

A stable, regularly updated library of professionally written and validated exploits.

Effective and efficient management of remote host communications.

Protection for sensitive data and ability to prove adherence to regulations like PCI DSS, NIST, CMMC, and more.

Automated report generation to provide the details needed to prioritize remediation.

A growing library of videos for self-paced training for both new and advanced users.

Core Impact Multi-License Discounts

For organizations with larger pen testing teams, multi-license discounts are available. With Core Impact Enterprise multiple security testers can even interact in the same session, giving teams the ability to securely share data and delegate testing tasks. 

Left Column

2-3 Users

Save 5%

Middle Column

4-5 Users

Save 10%

Right Column

+6 Users

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How Does Core Impact Work?

Watch a short demo to see how you can can conduct advanced penetration tests with ease and efficiency. Learn how to safely exploit security weaknesses so you can prioritize your greatest security risks.