Password Reset Calculator

Password Reset Calculator

Calculate Your Savings

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This simple calculator is meant to provide a high-level overview of potential savings your organization can gain from implementing a self-service password reset solution. We use default values as an industry average, but the output becomes much more meaningful if you input your own values.

These calculations focus on reducing help desk calls by offering a self-service option. A self-service password reset solution saves both help desk labor and user productivity.

Enter some of your own values in the form to get an understanding of how your organization can benefit from a self-service password reset solution!

Learn how Core Security, a HelpSystems Company, provides self-service tools to reduce administrative burden.

Step 1. Calculate Number of Help Desk Calls

  • (Editable Field)

  • (Editable Field: META Group estimates 1.75 call/month or 21/year, per user)
  • Step 2. Calculate Number of Password Reset Calls

  • (Editable Field: Gartner estimates 20-50% of all calls are for password resets)

    (Editable field: Gartner estimates that 20-50% of all calls are for password resets)

  • Step 3. Estimated Cost Per Password Reset Call

  • (Editable Field: Cost estimates typically fall between $15-$70 per call)
  • Annual Password Reset Call Cost Savings:

See Core Password in Action

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Core Password offers self-service password reset capabilities for the enterprise and enables your users to use a single password to access multiple systems.