IT Security Risk Management Solutions

IT Security Risk Management Solutions

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Healthcare Services

Healthcare data records are some of the most valuable in the world to attackers and yet most organizations don't know how their EHR or ePHI data could be impacted by threats from vulnerability and access risks in their system. Core Security provides healthcare organizations with an actionable, risk-based approach to managing the security of sensitive assets, so that you can keep your focus where it belongs - on the patients.
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Financial Services

Despite adhering to stringent compliance mandates, the financial sector is a high-value target for cybercriminals, cyber terrorists, and enemy states. Due to this, there are tough financial regulations in place, which must be followed. Financial institutions can't afford to be reactive. With Core Security, you can not only identify, but prioritize both access and vulnerability risks in your organization. Not only will you pass your audit, you'll be on the road to real compliance.
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Government Services

With events such as the OPM and IRS hacks, it is clear that government organizations need to remain at the forefront of IT security in order to protect our national security. Core Security's Vulnerability and Access Risk Management solution is the only solution that can help you remain compliant, reduce your threat surface, improve efficiencies, and reduce IT costs by continuously and comprehensively monitoring both infrastructure and access risk.
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With the volume of transactions as well as the number of servers, devices and endpoints it can be overwhelming to try and deter, detect or remediate cyber-attacks. You need a solution that will give you true visibility into your network so that you can continuously and comprehensively monitor what is happening to your data.
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Energy and Utilities

Energy and utility companies, along with standards organizations, are taking extreme measures to protect critical infrastructure devices, SCADA networks, and critical application servers from threats. Find out how Core Security's solutions can keep your critical infrastructure secure.
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Higher Education

Organizations in the education sector face a litany of complicated security challenges driven by their need to protect IT assets and data, while supporting networks that permit use by large numbers of individuals working across a wide range of academic and research pursuits. Core Security can help keep your information, as well as that of your students and faculty, safe.

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