Utility and Energy Critical Infrastructure Security

Serious cybersecurity for energy and utilities to combat serious threats

Stay Ahead of Threats with Utility and Energy Cybersecurity

Utility and energy companies, along with standards organizations, are taking extreme measures to protect critical infrastructure devices, SCADA networks, and critical application servers from threats. Mandates to improve critical infrastructure security have resulted in a significant number of government regulations, including NIST, CIP, and NERC. 

Companies in these sectors are essential to national infrastructure, so they must be proactive in focusing on likely threats based on the combination of access risks, vulnerabilities, attack patterns, and known exploits. While vulnerability and access risk management can help deter and detect breaches in computer network security, organizations in these industries also need utility cybersecurity and network device security for power and electrical systems.  

How We Can Help

Easily Maintain Compliance

If systems are ever compromised, large portions of the general public will be impacted. In order to prevent such incidents, regulations have been put in place for utility and energy companies. By accounting for who has access to critical information and conducting penetration testing to ensure the validity of patching, organizations in these sectors can show they are compliant and are taking the necessary steps to protect the public and communities they serve. 

Reduce the Threat Surface

Prioritizing vulnerabilities based on their impact can help strategically reduce an organization's threat surface. By integrating your vulnerability scanner with Core Impact, you can easily demonstrate what threats are truly exploitable and can open up paths to your organization's mission critical systems and assets.

Red Teaming and More

Red Teams are a great way to use the same tactics and techniques that a cybercriminal would.  A red team is only as good a the tools they use to quietly simulate a long-term attack.  The Advanced Red Team bundle combines Core Impact's automated pen testing, Cobalt Strike's emulated threats and post exploitation reporting, and OST's red team attacker toolkit.

Reduce IT Costs

Utility and energy companies employ hundreds and even thousands of people across the country. In order to make sure employees have the right levels of access, security teams must ensure individuals are provisioned correctly and that their access is protected by passwords. With automated provisioning and mobile password reset, your teams can spend less time on administrative work and more time protecting your network.