Identity-Based Security Automation

Identity-Based Security Automation
Evolutionary approach that breaks down silos of threat information and takes automated actions based on varying attack paths

Just the Facts:

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  • Organizations spent roughly $80 Billion on security last year YET Breaches rose 40% last year 
  • On average, 56% of resources are protected by 2FA YET 81% of breaches involve weak or stolen passwords 
  • Days threats are present before detection is going down: 205 in 2015, 146 in 2016, 99 in 2017 - YET over 3 months is too long 

Why Identity-Based Security Automation? 

Simply put, what we're doing isn't working. Security information is siloed into Network, Endpoint, and Identity and requires manual context, synthesis, and action. Despite SIEMs, more spend, and better understanding - breaches rise, fears rise, pressure rises - and nothing really changes. By tearing down silos of security information and sharing information among them, your security posture improves and you gain greater benefits from existing systems. Half the battle is identification, the other half is action. By automating remediation actions once indicators of compromise have been discovered, you significantly reduce attacker dwell time and more readily address the breach problem.

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