Higher Education Cyber Security Attack Protection

Higher Education Cyber Security 
Attack Protection

Secure yourself, your faculty and students against cyber-attacks

Higher Education Overview

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Organizations in the education sector face a litany of complicated security challenges driven by their need to protect IT assets and data, while supporting networks that permit use by large numbers of individuals working across a wide range of academic and research pursuits. 

With Core Security's Actionable Insight and Response Platform, security professionals in higher education need to isolate and prioritize their most critical vulnerability and access risks to more effectively address risks, ensure that defensive mechanisms are functioning properly, and prepare for mandated compliance audits.


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Remain Compliant

Due to the sensitive and personal nature of an institution’s information, there are strict compliance guidelines in place to govern how that information is used and stored. There are other regulations in place such as the PCI-DSS which govern how organizations accept and use payment card information.

Reduce Threat Surface

Colleges and universities are full of students using personal devices. From cell phones to tablets and personal computers, there is no way for the staff to ensure those devices are safe. With a BYOD policy and a network threat detection solution, you can limit the number of devices on your network and make sure that they are monitored. 

Improve Efficiencies

Students, teachers and faculty all have a full load of classes and responsibilities. It is hard to find time to educate everyone on the best practices for cyber-security. However, with tools like Core Impact, you can test your users at any time and see how they would fare against attacks such as phishing and educate them as needed.

Reduce IT Costs

Most universities do not have large cyber-security budgets so they are racing to find the right solution for the latest attack. If they are breached then they incur financial losses however, not all of them have the budget to buy the newest tool. By giving you a holistic view of your network and monitoring access risk, vulnerabilities and devices on your network you can protect more of your assets with fewer vendors.

Are You at Risk?

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Discover the 7 ways hackers exploit higher education - putting your faculty, staff, and students at risk - and what you can do to prevent them.
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