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Role Management

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Innovative, visual approach to designing roles 


Enabling Best in Class Role-Based Access Control for Your Organization

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A fully deployed Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) program promises to deliver improved compliance, more efficient provisioning, and increased security posture for your organization. However, most companies struggle with step one of developing such a program – designing the right roles for the right people. RBAC projects tend to fail because we end up deploying inefficient roles or are unable to design roles for every part of the company in a timely manner. The real problem is that we cannot see the relationship between people and the entitlements that they have in order to build the roles in the first place. If you cannot see that interrelationship not only can you not create the right roles, you cannot manage them either. 

Role Management brings an innovative, new approach to designing roles. Our visualization-first approach allows role creators to make intelligent decisions about which entitlements should be included in a role, and which users should be assigned to this role. Role Management’s visualization shows logical groupings of people and entitlements that give you the intelligence, the power, and the control to help you create the right roles for your organization. 

Role Management also allows you to develop roles based on more than just job codes. It has the ability to understand multiple dimensions about the user to deepen your understanding about why the user should or should not have specific access.


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  1. Visualization-first approach enables you to make intelligent decisions 
  2. Get deep understanding on the relationship between people and their access 
  3. Identity and Access Management system agnostic

Role Management Enables You to:

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  • Make intelligent decisions: Gain deep understanding about people and the access they have to create the best roles possible for the whole organization. 
  • Create roles for all of your systems: Cross-system analysis means you can create roles that contain entitlements to any number of systems. There is no dependency on integrations with obscure applications. 
  • Work with any Identity and Access Management solution: Role Management is tool agnostic and can work with your existing provisioning and governance solutions. 
  • Get going. Now. No professional services required for implementation. Start designing roles in no time.

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