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Core Access Assurance Suite

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Integrated Identity and Access Management Solution

The Challenge

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An integrated IAM suite that delivers informed provisioning, continuous compliance and actionable analytics. 

You need to streamline provisioning, automate the governance process, and be able to view advanced intelligence to discover hidden risks. Every growth-oriented organization faces the challenge of efficiently and effectively adding new people, new applications, and new devices with disparate IT infrastructures, and Access Assurance Suite can help. 

Core Access Assurance Suite is a robust Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that can help increase the efficiency of user account provisioning, and enable you to effectively manage the process of IT audits. With Access Assurance Suite you can apply predictive analytics to huge volumes of access- related data to reveal the complete context of relationships between user IDs, applications and environments.

Benefits of Core Access Assurance Suite

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  • Rapid deployment methodology and modular architecture get you up and running quickly, without a substantial investment in prerequisite software or systems 
  • Non-technical business users are engaged in the security and compliance process 
  • Protect sensitive data from inappropriate user access
  • Use fewer resources to manage and maintain the system over time, delivering lower total cost of ownership 
  • Strengthen compliance with corporate security policies, industry standards and government regulations incurred by the organization


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Access Assurance Suite provisioning capabilities enable you to quickly and efficiently provision and de-provision users and their identities from a multitude of systems, applications and other business-related resources based on a full life-cycle of activity, from initial hire to role change to termination. Access Assurance Suite’s provisioning modules automate the process of creating and managing user accounts and identities as well as their associated access rights across the enterprise.


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Access Assurance Suite governance capabilities enable you to maintain flexibility and efficiency while reducing or eliminating compliance violations. Governance findings are automatically fed back into Access Assurance Suite to prevent incorrect provisioning in the first place, so you can maintain compliance continuously.

Access Assurance Suite’s governance modules include a robust access request management system designed to simplify the process of creating and managing the requests that govern user access. Access provides each requestor with a complete suite of tools to create, review and approve access requests.

Actionable Analytics

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Access Assurance Suite includes robust, award-winning Identity and Access Intelligence (IAI) functionality which applies analytics to the big data created by the numerous complex relationships between users and resources in your enterprise. A comprehensive analysis of this complex data includes identities, accounts, entitlements, policy and activity, allowing you to quickly identity vulnerabilities. These analytics provide a feedback loop into the provisioning and governance processes, increasing the ongoing effectiveness of your identity and access management.
“With the Access Assurance Suite, we’ve improved productivity for Security Administrators and audit preparation, while continuing to demonstrate compliance, with internal and industry access policies.” 
— Amerisure Insurance

See It in Action

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Learn how the Core Access Assurance Suite can help protect your company.
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