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Cyber Risk Services

A trusted source for comprehensive penetration testing, red team and application security testing exercises.

More than just penetration testing

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With over 20 years’ global experience, the Core Security Cyber Risk Services team uses the latest tactics, techniques and procedures to reduce the risk of compromise, by uncovering vulnerabilities wherever they reside in your environment. 
As you determine your penetration testing needs to ensure the security of your cyber assets, let this checklist help you distinguish between Core Security and other penetration testing service providers.  

Penetration Testing Core Security Others
Exploit vulnerabilities
Test security awareness (phishing campaigns, user awareness)
Testing/analysis method - tools and scanners
In-depth exploitation - get in, connect dots and combine issues
Minimal impact to customers personnel and infrastructure
Flexible testing technique - Conduct open source intelligence tasks based on attackers role/level of access
Meet compliance regulations and avoid fines with actionable reports that are customized and easy to understand
Create/collaborate on cutting edge complex windows based network attacks – Impacket


Application Security Testing Core Security Others
Find vulnerabilities in mobile, web, desktop applications (built in-house, by third party, or custom)
Check device security (cameras, VoIP phones, networked speakers)
Evaluate code quality in terms of security
Create running POC(proof-of-concepts) of the finding
Threat model mindset — covering potential vectors not immediately visible
Strong Development background — allow engineers to uncover application’s inner working when no source code availables
Hybrid Approach(gray-box) combining: dynamic test and source code reading, focusing on critical sections (authorization, authentication, storage, crypto, exposed surface)


Additional Features Core Security Others
Regularly publish CVEs (public advisories)
In-depth research/analysis
OSCP, OSCE, CISSP, CEH Certified Members

Assess Your Security

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