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Identity Governance and Administration solutions are designed to ensure the right people have access to the right things at the right time. Spend a few minutes learning how your organization can have an intelligent, visual-first approach to role creation and access certification.

Your live demo will include: 
  • Discussion around your unique challenges and requirements
  • An overview of the Visual Identity Suite benefits and features 
  • A walkthrough of the software in action 
  • Plenty of time for questions 

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What Do I Get with the Core Visual Identity Suite?

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Identity-First Approach to Security: The role designer element of the suite provides an at-a-glance view of the most logical roles for your organization. 

Reduced Certification Fatigue: The certification element of our suite allows you to clearly and quickly identify common user entitlements and detect outliers with ease. 

Streamlined Processes & Reduced Risk: Combined, Core Certify and Core Role Designer bring your organization enhanced identification, additional scrutiny of privileged accounts, and the ability to rapidly respond to threats—reducing your security risk.
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