MSyslog is a logging subsystem for UNIX operating systems. It replaces the traditional UNIX logging daemon, syslogd, with an improved version that provides capabilities for log centralization, preservation of log integrity, and storage on a myriad of popular database engines. MSyslog, which stands for Modular Syslog, has a very flexible architecture that allows the administrator to configure it to receive log data from several input sources such as TCP and UDP network connections, UNIX named pipes and plaintext files. Log data storage is available through multiple output options including plain text files, MySQL and PostgreSQL database engines. Log relaying can be performed over TCP sessions or the traditional UDP-based syslog protocol. MSyslog also supports filters that perform cryptographic integrity checks and filtering by regular expressions. MSyslog runs on a variety of UNIX and Linux operating systems.

Source code

Latest stable release (1.08g), updated on Apr 15, 2003 – gzip'd tarball


Quick start: Click the following link to obtain the latest stable release.
Requirements: An implementation of the BSD syslog API (native to all modern UNIX operating systems).


This software is provided under the BSD license.

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Release date 2003-03-04

License type BSD license

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