iPhoneDbg Toolkit

iPhoneDbg Toolkit

This set of tools will enable you to delve into iPhone Binary Reversing.

  • The iPhone Debugger allows you to debug running or newly-created native processes inside iPhone.
  • The Library Loader Patcher will allow to debug iPhone libraries.
  • You can also build a tunnel from your PC to your iPhone through USB.


  • iPhone firmware v1.1.4, should work on earlier firmware versions (drop a line if positive).
  • Some iPhone Console application (local Term-vt100, remote OpenSSH via WiFi or remote OpenSSH via USB).
  • (for the tunnel only) iTunes on a Windows XP installed and service Apple Mobile Device ( AppleMobileDeviceService.exe ) running. DLL iTunesMobileDevice.dll must be on the same folder that iphone_tunnel.exe.

Binaries and Source Code



  • iphonedbg is distributed underĀ GPL v2.
  • dyld_patcher and iphone_tunnel are provided under a slightly modified version of the Apache Software License. Feel free to review itĀ here, and compare it to the official Apache Software License.

Known Issues

The following debugger features are not working yet.

  • Set CPU registers value.
  • Real single step.
  • Flush CPU code cache.

Contact Us

Whether you want to report a bug, send a patch or give some suggestions on this package, drop us a few lines at oss@. To contact me, Nicolas Economou, the author, you can reach me at neconomou@ .


Title: iPhoneDbg Toolkit

Release date: 2008-07-31

License type: GPL v2 and Apache (check above).

ReleasesiPhonedbg-v1.01DOWNLOAD.zip2008-07-31dyld patcher-v1.01DOWNLOAD.zip2008-07-31iPhone tunnel-v1.01.zipDOWNLOAD.zip2008-07-31


Nicolas Economou


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Research Project
GPL v2, Apache