Core Wisdom

Core Wisdom

Core Wisdom is a suite of tools designed for the secure auditing of information systems. It centralizes and guarantees the integrity of system logs and significantly improves the auditing of security information systems by processing and representing the information in unique graphical ways.

In order to provide the most comprehensive monitoring of system events and to ensure the highest level of information resource availability, Core Wisdom both coordinates and archives historical log data for forensic analysis, and displays all events in real-time, allowing high availability of information resources. The suite centralizes logging and reporting needs in such a way as to improve the potential of the most powerful tool: the mind. The idea behind this behind this being to have the user to choose what information he wants to visualize, present him with some standard visualization screens, and allow him to navigate through these visualizations checking alarming data.

Versions 1.0 and 1.8 are for prototypes developed in Squeak Samlltalk (plus some additional APIs). These versions date from 2001 and 2002, respectively and they are no longer maintained. If you have any questions mail us at corelabs-info !AT! .


Release date 2002-08-13

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