XSS Agent

This project is about analyzing the problems underlying exploitation and post exploitation of cross-site scripting (xss) vulnerabilities in the web application scenario. We present a prototype that enables an attacker to use a cross-site scripting vulnerability to gain one of different levels of access, including complete control of the victim's computer, depending on configuration and other vulnerabilities in the target system.

We analyze multiple problems associated with payload engineering of xss attacks and utilize the agent concept to model attacks. We analyze cross-site scripting vulnerabilities and design a new kind of agent, the cross-site scripting agent, that can be used to handle attacks that exploit this vulnerability. This amounts to a payload that will "transform" a xss vulnerability into a channel where the attacker (who has sent the payload) can execute (javascript) code of his choice in the victim's browser. Further, we attempt to build a library of post-exploitation tasks using this agent and in particular, we require that this agent can exploit (binary) vulnerabilities in the browser and take advantage of the users' browser credentials.

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