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Exploit development can be an advanced penetration testing skill that takes time to master. Additionally, when on a job, pen testers often don’t have the resources to create a new exploit. Many resort to searching for and using pre-written exploits that have not been tested and must go through the timely effort of quality assurance testing in order to ensure they are secure and effective. 

Core Impact users can save time by finding all the up-to-date exploits they need in one place. We provide a robust library of exploits designed to enable pen testers to safely and efficiently conduct successful penetration tests. Whether written by our own internal team or by a third party like ExCraft, you can trust they have been thoroughly tested and validated by our experts.

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We provide pen testers with real-time updates for a wide range of exploits for different platforms, operating systems, and applications. 


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Title Description Date Added CVE Link Exploit Platform Exploit Type Product Name
IE javaprxy.dll COM Object Exploit This module tries to install a Level0 agent by exploiting a vulnerability in the "javaprxy.dll" COM Object when instantiated in Internet Explorer via a specially crafted HTML tag. July 6, 2005 Windows Exploits/Client Side Impact
SMB MS05-027 DoS By sending a specially crafted SMB packet, this exploit performs a Denial of Service attack on the target machine. June 29, 2005 Windows Denial of Service/Remote Impact
MSRPC MSMQ Buffer Overflow exploit This module exploits a buffer overflow in the Message Queuing component of Microsoft Windows allowing remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a crafted message and installing an agent. June 23, 2005 Windows Exploits/Remote Impact
IE DHTML Object Memory Corruption exploit This module exploits a race condition in the memory management routines in the DHTML object processor in Microsoft Internet Explorer. June 8, 2005 Windows Exploits/Client Side Impact
MySQL MaxDB WebTool GET Request Buffer Overflow Exploit This module exploits a stack buffer overflow in the MySQL MaxDB WebTool Server and installs a level0 agent. May 29, 2005 Windows Exploits/Remote Impact