CoreLabs Cyber Security Threats Advisory

View the list of security advisories authored by members of the CoreLabs research team. Click on any title to get more information on the security advisory. Click the title or published date links to sort the data.

Title Published Date
Oracle GlassFish Server Administration Console Authentication Bypass 05/20/16
Oracle VirtualBox 3D Acceleration Multiple Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities 05/20/16
Orbit Downloader "Download Failed" Buffer Overflow 05/18/16
Path Traversal Vulnerability in VMware's Shared Folders Implementation 05/18/16
PDFCool Studio Buffer Overflow Vulnerability 05/20/16
PineApp Mail-SeCure Access Control Failure 05/20/16
ProFTPD Controls Buffer Overflow 05/18/16
Publish-It Buffer Overflow Vulnerability 05/20/16
Pydio Cells 2.0.4 Multiple Vulnerabilities 05/28/20
Qemu and KVM VNC Server Remote DoS 05/18/16
QNAP Qcenter Virtual Appliance Multiple Vulnerabilities 07/10/18
Quest DR Series Disk Backup Multiple Vulnerabilities 05/24/18
Quest KACE System Management Appliance Multiple Vulnerabilities 05/24/18
Real Helix DNA RTSP and SETUP Request Handler Vulnerabilities 05/18/16
RealPlayer Heap-Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability 05/20/16
RealPlayer PNG Deflate Heap Corruption Vulnerability 05/18/16
Remote Command Execution, HTML and JavaScript Injection Vulnerabilities in AOL's Instant Messaging Software 05/18/16
Report for RealServer Memory Contents Disclosure Vulnerability 05/18/16
Samsung SW Update Tool MiTM 05/20/16
SAP CAR Multiple Vulnerabilities 08/09/16
SAP Download Manager Password Weak Encryption 05/20/16
SAP LZC LZH Compression Multiple Vulnerabilities 05/20/16
SAP Netweaver Dispatcher Multiple Vulnerabilities 05/20/16
SAP Netweaver Enqueue Server Trace Pattern Denial of Service Vulnerability 05/20/16
SAP Netweaver Message Server Multiple Vulnerabilities 05/20/16