Core Data Access Governance

Ensure the right people have the right access to the right data with Core Data Access Governance.

Core Data Access Governance (DAG)

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Employees create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other files on corporate file shares, SharePoint sites and in the cloud. Managing and securing this unstructured data poses significant challenges that manual methods and legacy point products fail to address. Modern cybersecurity teams seek automated, effective solutions – not standalone technology that must be manually operated.

Core DAG is an auditing, compliance, and governance framework for unstructured data and critical applications that provides comprehensive data collection, analysis, remediation workflows, and reporting.  Core DAG provides an automated, scalable, interoperable platform to govern unstructured data. Interoperability with IAM, HR systems, and other applications facilitates automated workflows to secure sensitive data, apply a consistent permissions model and enforce least-privileged access control.


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Open Access Remediation

Identify and remediate the risk on unstructured data by finding and closing inappropriate open access. 

Entitlement Reviews

The business owners of information are the ones who should attest to who should have access, not your IT team. Simple, efficient review workflows make that possible. 

Sensitive Data Discovery

Protecting sensitive data is critical to reducing intentional, or unintentional, exposure and improve compliance. 

Ownership Identification

Ownership Identification allows IT to shift control of unstructured, sensitive data to the business owners who should have it. 


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With Core Data Access Governance, you can ensure that only the right people have the right access to the right data within your organization.