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Core CSP

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For Communication Service Providers
Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are uniquely positioned to protect subscribers from malware and advanced threats. The proliferation of smart devices and the internet of things creates new attack vectors that can’t be addressed with end-point security applications. Subscribers want to use their devices without fear of becoming a victim of cybercrime. CSPs who build security into their internet service can provide subscribers invaluable peace of mind.

Challenges from Cyber Threats

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CSP networks provide a target-rich environment for threat actors. Unlike a corporate network, where tight and customized security controls can be deployed, subscribers have unimpeded access to nearly anything on the internet. Additionally, subscribers are using an increasing number of smart devices, like home and personal electronics, that require internet access to function. Unlike computers, there is no anti-virus for most smart devices, which makes it impossible for individuals to manage security on their own.

The Solution: Core Network Insight CSP

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As the effectiveness of end point solutions fade, subscribers are turning to their Service Provider for protection. Core Security empowers Service Providers to pro-actively alert their subscribers to risk. bis creates an opportunity to build trust by offering valuable remediation and preventative products and services.

Unaddressed Threats

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The Range of Unaddressed Threats facing CSPs can impact operation and credibility in various ways, such as:
  • Lost goodwill and damaged customer relationships 
  • Fraudulent data and SMS usage charges due to excessive traffic from malicious infections
  • Degraded subscriber experience 
  • Increased cost of customer service operations
  • Regulatory and industry peer pressure
  • Limited budget to address a vast network 
  • Subjects the Provider to subpoenas for subscriber information

Here’s how Core Network Insight CSP makes a difference:

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  • Sits out-of-band and monitors DNS traffic 
  • No Personal Identification Information (PII) monitored 
  • ‘Light-weight’ sensor monitors millions of subscribers 
  • Undetectable by threat actors 
  • Zero impact to network performance 
  • Automatically detects compromised subscriber IP address and terminates criminal communications 
  • Captures malicious queries and correlates findings to generate infection reports 
  • Integrates with SIEMS, other logging systems and remediation tools 
  • Enables subscriber notification (email, in-browser, walled-gardens, etc.) 
  • Enables remediation
  • Delivers threat intelligence to security team

Give Subscribers What They Ask For: SECURITY

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The issue of cyber security has moved from server rooms to living rooms. Every day consumers are becoming more aware of the risk of online threats. Recent surveys show:
  • 54% were concerned about online safety 
  • 69% think it is responsibility of their provider to keep them safe
  • 9 out of 10 would like their internet provider to provide the security services they need

CSPs can create immeasurable value by giving subscribers peace-of-mind. Security is not a nice-to-have option. By providing a secure online experience through Core Security, CSPs can:
  • Attract new subscribers 
  • Increase ARPU for opt-in levels of protection
  • Reduce Churn
  • Automate containment of active infections
  • Increase goodwill and customer loyalty
  • Reduce exposure to risk
  • Limit time and costs associated with litigation and regulatory compliance

See It in Action

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Learn how Core Network Insight CSP can help proactively alert subscribers to risk.
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