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Core Access 

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Streamline User Access
Ensuring the right people have the right access to the right resources is not just IT’s responsibility. Increasingly, organizations are looking to business managers to determine the resources and applications their staff need to access to fulfill their job responsibilities. To meet this need—which may include requesting user account creation, changes, or deletions—the lines of business need a solution that makes the user access request process easy to adopt and to use consistently. 

Core Access is a complete, highly functional user access request management system. It is designed to give any individual—IT or line of business—a simple, clear view of the access requests relevant to his or her staff. Whether the company is using the Access Assurance Suite for user provisioning or another industry solution Core Access shows each requester the applications they can request access to, their past access requests and the status of each request. 

Core Access provides an easy-to-use approval system that that ensures users receive only appropriate access. Managers, resource owners and other staff who need to approve access do so through a simple web-based interface that provides real-time information as to the requests they need to approve. Your company policy determines who the appropriate approvers are. Different resources may have different approvers and approval cycles


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  • Improves Security - by ensuring that only the right people have the right access to the right resources to do their job 
  • Reduces Risk - by providing an automated, integrated solution to modify, disable or delete user access in accordance with policy and regulatory requirements 
  • Improves Productivity - by eliminating the need to track hundreds or possibly thousands of user requests each month,their approval status, and whether the provisioning work has been completed 
  • Streamlines Business - by enabling line of business managers to request user access creation, changes or deletions from a simple user interface

Working with Core Access

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Any authorized individual can make a user access request. A user access request may be any of the following actions:
  • Create a new user account for a specific resource or application with specific entitlements 
  • Modify an existing user’s resource entitlements or application access 
  • Disable an existing user’s access to a specific resource or application 
  • Enable an existing user’s access to a specific resource or application

Authorized individuals can immediately disable all user access for terminated employees, eliminating the risk of a disgruntled employee breaking into company systems and causing a potentially catastrophic data breach. 

An individual can use Core Access to request access for his or her own needs or the needs of another employee, as permitted by company policy. A manager can make a request for someone on his or her staff to access an application that person needs to do their job, or a manager can request access for another employee to an application the manager owns. Access requests are accompanied by email notifications to the end-user, the application owner, the request approver and the IT administrator as defined by company policy. 

When an individual logs on to Core Access, they see a personalized page with the current requests and their status. This simple, personalized view of access requests and request status streamlines the access request process for both line of business managers and IT, while simultaneously providing an audit trail of access requests and activity. Through Core Access, approvers see approval requests requiring their attention. Clicking on an open request brings the approver to a detailed view of information that provides the necessary content for the approver to make an informed decision. The approval is then granted with a single mouse click.

Core Access Benefits

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Automated access governance and access provisioning solutions deliver streamlined operations, enhanced security and improved productivity managing user accounts and the associated resources. In addition, Core Access provides the following benefits:
  • Presentation flexibility so you can decide what information is presented and how 
  • Ability to provide help context and risk level to access
  • Granular view and selection of access 
  • Orphan account management interface
  • Enhanced management of approval cycles

All in a rich, graphical web browser interface that uses the common web browsing conventions your employees that you can brand to match your corporate standards.

Getting Started with Core Access 

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Regardless of a company ‘s user provisioning process, Core Access stream lines the user access request process for line of business managers, access request approvers, and IT. 

Core Access front-ends your provisioning solution and, for company’s using Core Security’s Access Assurance Suite, it integrates fully with existing provisioning workflows.

See It in Action

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Learn how you could have a simple, clear view of the access requests relevant to you.
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