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Security Consulting Services

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Helping Identify Exposures and Assessing Business Implications

Do You Know if You're Vulnerable?

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On average, companies that never pen-test have over 20 vulnerabilities, and the scarier news might be that those vulnerabilities are left open for an average of 431 days! Also, with 78% of all companies studied having at least one vulnerability, how confident are you about your security?

More Than Just Penetration Testing

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Security Consulting Services (SCS) is a complete service provided by Core Security to ensure that vulnerabilities are minimized and that your defenses are running in top shape by offering the following:
  • Red Team 
  • Penetration Testing 
  • Software Security Assessment 
  • Attacker’s Tactics and Techniques 
  • Actionable and easy-to-follow results

With SCS it’s easy to assist security professionals with security decisions, evaluate and measure cyber risks, and meet compliance, all while providing an additional proof point of security.

Data That's Useful

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Testing is useless unless it achieves actionable results. With SCS you get reports written by experts that highlight key data and exactly how targets were compromised as well as recommendations on best practices.

What Does SCS Test?

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SCS tests 5 major areas of security: applications, security awareness, likelihood of attack, cloud infrastructure, and networked device security.
Determine if an Application is Secure
  • Mobile, web desktop
  • Built in-house, by third party, or customized

Security Awareness
Understand the level of security awareness of the organization against phishing attacks.
  • Targeted phishing campaign
  • Defense readiness
  • User awareness

Likelihood and Impact of an Attack
Determine the likelihood of an attacker compromising the network and the impact it would have.
  • External facing
  • Corporate
  • Wireless
Cloud Infrastructure
Determine the security posture of any cloud based infrastructure.

Networked Device Security
Determine if networked devices are secure.
  • Cameras
  • VoIP phones
  • Networked speakers
  • Sensing and monitoring
  • Devices
  • Gateway
  • Data engines
  • Applications
  • Internet of things

SCS Services Offered

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Red Team 
Testers use all the industry leading tools and methods real hackers user to evade detection while discovering exploitable areas of the network, applications, credentials, and devices.

Networks, applications, users, and any vector an attacker is likely to take advantage of.

Consultants mimicking attacker’s techniques and tactics. Liaison with internal security team is optional.

Simultaneously test for vulnerabilities while also testing for defense readiness of the internal security team.

  • Identify vulnerabilities exploited and attack paths 
  • Description of techniques and tactics
  • Level of readiness of your defense team
  • Fixes and mitigations
Penetration Test
Evaluate the resilience of your organization against real-world attacks. Consultants will find and exploit vulnerabilities to get access to privileged systems and information.

Enumerate components and systems. Networks, applications, and users are usual targets.

Consultants mimicking attacker’s techniques.

Think of worst case scenarios:
  • Cloud admin creds stolen 
  • IP documents extracted

  • Identify vulnerabilities exploited and attack paths 
  • Description of techniques and tactics 
  • Fixes and mitigations
Software Security Assessment
Assess the security of an application or group of applications and their ability to resist attacks. Evaluate your defensive programming practices.

  • Assess a system or groups of systems that are logically connected and cooperate to provide business functionality
  • Find as many vulnerabilities as possible 
  • Evaluate the code quality in terms of security 
  • Create running proof-of-concepts of the findings

Learn More

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For more information on how Core Security Consulting Services can help you evaluate your cyber risks and meet compliance, please contact us.
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