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You will be contacted by a Core Security representative shortly. Our resources and blog content is the ideal starting point for additional insight into our solutions that provide actionable intelligence and the context needed to manage identity access and security risk across your enterprise.

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Penetration Testing

Empowers you to replicate attacks that pivot across systems, devices and applications revealing how chains of exploitable vulnerabilities open paths to your organization’s mission-critical systems and data. This enables you to evaluate your organization’s ability to detect, prevent and respond to real-world, multi-staged threats.

Secure Access Management

Stops the misuse of credentials through adaptive authentication, which acts like layers in a bulletproof vest — analyzing multiple factors to confidently determine the legitimacy of every login, thwart attacks in-process, and keep your valuable resources and data safe.

Identity Governance and Administration

Ensure the right access, at the right time, to the right resources with a robust set of solutions. With analytics and visualizations to help you solve identity management and auditing and reporting to help keep you compliant. 

Threat Management

Break down the walls of traditional cyber-security into a comprehensive view of your organization’s access, devices on the network, and vulnerabilities. Moreover, have those risks prioritized for you, so that you can focus on the most critical risks and more efficiently use your team’s time and resources.

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See how Core Security helps prevent the misuse of credentials and think like an attacker.