phpMyAdmin Post Auth Remote Code Exploit

phpMyAdmin is prone to a regexp abuse via an eval modifier which can be found in old PHP versions. This vulnerability allows authenticated attackers to run arbitrary php code on the affected server. PHP versions 4.3.0-5.4.6 had a "feature" which allowed users to run a RegExp Pattern Modifier using PREG_REPLACE_EVAL and may lead to execute code. phpMyAdmin had an issue in their code that can be exploited from a table replace call. The general idea is to insert a crafted regexp eval record format, and then trigger it via a find and replace function with system commands For that purpose, the exploit will try to use any existing cookies of that host, or the username and password provided. Once logged in, if the user provided a database, it will be used. If not, we will search for existing databases. The attack will not leave any trace. This exploit installs an OS Agent.
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Thursday, September 8, 2016 - 19:00