IIS FTP LIST Stack Exhaustion DoS

This exploit forces the IIS process inetinfo.exe to throw an unhandled exception. IIS' behavior depends on the operating system version, its configuration and the system-wide debugger specified in the registry. By default under Windows 2000 Advanced Server 2000 the server will automatically restart. Under Windows 2000 Professional a message box will pop up in the console and the server will not be restarted until a user presses [OK]. WARNING: This is an early release module. This is not the final version of this module. It is a pre-released version in order to deliver a module as quickly as possible to our customers that may be useful in some situations. Since this module is not the final version it may contain bugs or have limited functionality and may not have complete or accurate documentation.
Vulnerabilty ID: 
Released Date: 
Sunday, September 6, 2009 - 19:00