FortiClient Weak IOCTL mdare Driver Local Privilege Escalation Exploit

FortiClient is prone to a privilege-escalation vulnerability that affects mdare64_48.sys, mdare32_48.sys, mdare32_52.sys, mdare64_52.sys and Fortishield.sys drivers. All these drivers expose an API to manage processes and the windows registry, for instance, the IOCTL 0x2220c8 of the mdareXX_XX.sys driver returns a full privileged handle to a given process PID. In particular, this same function is replicated inside Fortishield.sys. Attackers can leverage this issue to execute arbitrary code with elevated privileges in the context of any selected process. This module uses the previous vulnerability to inject an agent inside lsass.exe process.
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Monday, September 7, 2015 - 00:00