Core Threat Intelligence

Core Threat Intelligence 

Actionable Adversary Focused Threat Intelligence

Core Threat Intelligence

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Core’s Threat Intelligence, an ‘Adversary Focused’ threat intelligence service, enumerates the Internet destinations used by individual threat actors and malware families covering APTs, nation-state Actors, Cyber Espionage, Ransomware, RATS, and more.

Core’s Threat Intelligence details the complex relationships between threat actors, their command and control network infrastructure, and the malware samples they use and includes detailed threat research reports on the intent of the threat actor and their historical intentions.


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Actively Block Malicious Command & Control 

Sever the kill chain by using Core’s Threat Intelligence to block communications to known command and control servers.

Identify Infections Communicating with Adversaries

Pinpoint infections with confidence that have evaded your traditional defenses by matching network activity with Core’s Threat Intelligence.

Provide Context to Active Incidents

Stop the guess work and use Core’s Threat Research reports to provide context to the intent of your adversaries.

Assess your Network Security Now

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Want to understand what’s happening inside your network? The Core Network Insight Assessment gives you the power to improve your perimeter defenses, uncover hidden threats and initiate a response to stop data theft.