Mapping the World's Daily Internet Activity to Provide Actionable Intelligence


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By mapping the current and historical activity of domains and IPs, Core’s Passive DNS (PDNS) provides Incident Response, Fraud, and Security Operation Center teams the richest source of contextual, factual DNS activity data to investigate, mitigate, and protect against cyber threats. 

Core’s PDNS database is the industry’s largest, mapping 13.8 Billion domains to IPs with over 1.2 Trillion DNS queries observed a day from over ¾ Billion devices. Armed with facts on the activity of the Internet, security professionals can identify when a domain or IP has become malicious,  and correlate with threat intelligence to provide context to a security event. They can classify entire IP blocks to be treated as malicious, and estimate volumes of victims, rate of growth, and if a domain is still active in Command & Control.

PDNS Empowers Your Team By:

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Making Threat Intelligence Actionable

Explore complex relationships between domains, sub-domains and IPs. Spot patterns in operators / actors using shared infrastructure and hosting.

Enhancing Forensic Discovery

Core PDNS has the richest source of DNS activity for incident investigations. Discover specific malicious activity, especially for malicious use of dynamic DNS providers' infrastructure, and track threat actors as they change their infrastructure.

Providing Visibility Into Fraudulent Use Of Brand

Investigate fraudulent use of corporate branding 


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Assess your Network Security Now

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Want to understand what’s happening inside your network? The Core Network Insight Assessment gives you the power to improve your perimeter defenses, uncover hidden threats and initiate a response to stop data theft.