Organizations today may have a false sense of security when it comes to the security of their own environments. In fact, there are numerous ways companies make it easier for threat actors to gain access into their systems undetected. To complicate matters even…

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Common Security Concerns

Reasons for Penetration Testing What common security risks/entry points are you most concerned about? One of the questions asked in our 2020 Pen Testing Survey was about what common security risks that respondents were most concerned about. While misconfiguration (77%) and phishing (72%) were the…

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Lessons learned from a data breach

Data breaches have been plaguing organizations for years, and the numbers continue to climb. After a breach, an organization goes into survival mode—trying to recover data, reestablish trust, and ensure they can keep their business running. It’s understandable that there isn’t much leisure…

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All SIEMs are well known for their ability to monitor IT infrastructures for potential threats, escalating them to the appropriate party. Though these solutions share this core function in common, SIEMs differ widely in terms of features. It’s important to evaluate your own…

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