CoreLabs for CISO

CoreLabs’ specific charter is to anticipate and prepare for the future needs and requirements of information security professionals. Our body of research explores real and potential adversary tools, techniques and practices, and formalizes practical solutions to deter, detect, remediate and validate these attack vectors.

While CoreLabs is the property of Core Security, but we exist to serve the cyber security community and you will never see product or solutions promoted here.

Most of CoreLabs’ work is very technical and detailed which may not be useful for CISO and enterprise risk managers. In this section we distill the publications, advisories, projects, open-source initiatives and technical blogs contributed by the dozens of researchers across and between the identity, vulnerability, network security domains. We help you think about emerging themes and what that means to you and to your business operations and control frameworks.

We also provide pointers into detailed/technical information that your practitioners will find useful in their day today activities.

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