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Introducing Access Assurance Suite 9.1

May 2, 2018
Today, we are thrilled to announce the next step in our Identity Governance and Administration journey, the release of Core Access Assurance Suite 9.1. While not a major release, AAS 9.1 includes updated UX and UI changes which show our continued commitment to visualizing IGA. The Access Assurance Suite 9.1 release follows a visual-first approach, with a new user interface for managing access and a new menu style which provides more space and clarity.
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Assess the Effectiveness of Your Security Controls with Penetration Testing

Apr 23, 2018
It’s important for all organizations to periodically assess and test security vulnerabilities, to better evaluate risk and be ready to detect, prevent and respond to threats as they happen. Vulnerability assessments, penetration tests and Red Teams help you identify and prioritize security risks, which also improves your overall security posture. Gartner recently released a detailed research report covering the use of penetration testing and Red Teams. The report describes the processes and suggests ways that organizations can use them to reduce risk.
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Cloud Misconfiguration and the Curse of the Inadvertent Employee

Apr 19, 2018
We all know that to err is human. The problem is some mistakes are an order of magnitude larger than others. If you forget to buy apples at the store, that’s unfortunate. But if you forget to lock down your cloud server with the proper security controls and hackers gain entry… That’s a problem that could cost your business dearly.

Ransomware Hits the City of Atlanta

Apr 19, 2018
On March 22, the city of Atlanta was brought to its knees by a ransomware attack. CNN reported that the malicious incident affected at least five of the city’s municipal departments, effectively locking down key functions for the police, courts, and more. The attackers asked for the $51,000 ransom to be paid in the bitcoin cryptocurrency.

What Tesla’s Cryptojack Attack Means for the Rest of Us

Apr 17, 2018
In February, Fortune, Wired, and other media outlets reported that hackers worked their way into automaker Tesla’s Amazon Web Services (AWS®) cloud account to mine for cryptocurrency. These so-called “cryptojacking” attacks are on the rise in concert with escalating cryptocurrency prices, prompting hackers to gain access to company networks to generate these virtual forms of tender.

The Latest Exploits Shipped to Core Impact 18.1

Apr 1, 2018
Summary for all of the exploits and updates shipped to Core Impact 18.1 since its release (on Feb 14th): 14 Updates Overall 3 Remote Exploits 5 Client-Side Exploits 3 Local Exploits 3 Product Updates Here is the list of published updates:
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Eight Steps Toward a Secure Hybrid Cloud Environment

Mar 15, 2018
Your business may already use an extensive cloud environment—or maybe you’re just evaluating your options for spinning up a single cloud server. Either way, this guide is your sanity check for aligning the security policies in place for your on-premise and cloud technology to protect data (and your company) from internal and external threats. Synchronized policies not only strengthen the security of data, but they also effectively enable your organization to maintain operations and prepare for regulatory audits.
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With Public Cloud OS Instances Growing, Security Challenges Grow, Too

Mar 12, 2018
“Some cloud vendors tout that systems deployed within their framework require little or no administration: You create an image with the software and applications that you want it to provide services for, spin it up in a management console, and Voila! you have an entirely new system online; with minimal cost, no hassle, little work. However, even with newer models for virtualization appearing on the horizon, this is not exactly how things are actually used today.”  

Perspectives on the Changing Linux Ecosystem

Mar 12, 2018
In the early 1990s the Open Software Foundation formed a committee to select and standardize a new Management Platform Toolset for and from the UNIX ecosystem. After much soul searching over a few months the OSF Management Platform never arrived. One of the committee, from the team that invented The Newcastle Connection (1980s *NIX history, go Google it) made a compelling presentation explaining why they failed. He spent the next 40 minutes wearing two hats, an exquisite red silk Chinese mandarin hat (with feather), and a green canvas guerrilla cap.

Customizable Reports with Core Impact

Feb 19, 2018
Today we're sharing how to use the customizable reports functionality available in Core Impact. In order to generate such agents, we'll use the "Network Report Generation" wizard. From the list of available reports, filter for type "spreadsheet" and select "Network Host Report". When clicking on "Duplicate" we'll get the prompt for a new report name. The new report can then be customized by selecting the "Edit" option.

New Release - Core Impact 18.1

Feb 13, 2018
It is our mission to continue to produce the most effective and efficient security products and services on the market. Today, I am happy to announce the release of Core Impact 18.1, our market leading penetration testing solution – where we put the focus on enabling user-testing and social engineering.
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When Security Becomes a DevOps Blind Spot

Feb 4, 2018
Speed is essential in today’s business climate, hence the rise of DevOps. Unifying development and operations compresses development cycles and enables more frequent deployments that align closely with business objectives. It’s no wonder executives love DevOps. But one question is often left unasked in DevOps strategy meetings: what about security? When speed and agility are paramount, it’s easy for data protection to take a backseat. Continuous delivery leaves little time to consider security controls.
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Security Answers in Plain English: What is a Man-in-the-Middle Attack?

Jan 16, 2018
"I heard on the news about how some sites and mobile apps are vulnerable to Man-in-the-Middle attacks. What is a Man-In-The-Middle Attack, how does it work, and how can I protect myself?" Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attacks are basically one website stepping in-between you and a legitimate website so that whatever you do on the legitimate website can be seen and stolen by the attacker who owns the site in the middle. There are two common ways this happens:

Lessons Learned at Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit 2017

Dec 10, 2017
More than 1,800 delegates from companies around the globe converged last week in Las Vegas for Gartner’s annual Identity and Access Management (IAM) Summit. Gartner IAM is unique in that it is solely focused on identity and access management rather than covering all areas of security. 

Tips for Success with Access Assurance Suite

Dec 6, 2017
So you’re using Core Access Assurance Suite (AAS). Maybe you’ve been using it for a while and have a routine down – but there may be ways to make your experience with this program even better. Every now and then it’s important to reassess the tools you are using to see how you can get more out of them. Today’s post is to share a few tips to help create a better user experience with the product through regular maintenance activities.

The Latest Exploits Shipped to Core Impact

Dec 3, 2017
Summary of all of the exploits and updates shipped to Core Impact 2017 R2 since Sept 26th (the last Dot release):
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Securing Your Organization From the Inside Out

Nov 27, 2017
One of the most common ways for breaches to occur is purely out of not knowing if or how it could happen. You can’t protect what you don’t know you have – or that you don’t know you have to. Here are some tips for auditing your data and putting some security action behind it.
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How to Prepare for Attackers This Holiday Season

Nov 8, 2017
We’ve made it back to that time of year where retail booms as the world goes shopping for gifts during the holiday season. While it is time for retailers to shine, it’s also the time where retailers are most vulnerable to security risks as bad actors are gearing up too.  We have spent a good bit of time recently discussing how PCI-DSS regulations are only a starting point for truly securing your organization against cyber-security risk. In today’s blog we will talk about what may come this holiday season.
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How You Can Benefit From Penetration Tests

Nov 6, 2017
There are many reasons to penetration test your organization – and not just to adhere to compliance protocols. Nonetheless, sometimes that’s the routine we get caught in, isn’t it? We do it just because we have to, but we don’t leverage the findings from the tests to better secure our business. Well, today’s the day we start leveraging and seeing the true value behind penetration testing. Take a look at these four ways in which you can benefit from penetration tests.
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5 Steps to Building a Vulnerability Management Program Pt. 3

Oct 25, 2017
As we reach the end of October and the end of Cyber Security Awareness Month, we are also ending our current series on building a vulnerability management program. We've given you five easy steps to follow to build or improve your vulnerability management program. Just because this month is only recognized once a year doesn't mean you should lose sight of its importance.
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The 5 Keys to Building a Red Team

Oct 23, 2017
It’s not just about hiring a group of people and dubbing them as part of a Red Team. There are some important steps to ensure you are hiring the right people for the job at hand with a focused goal in mind. Here are the five key steps to build out a successful Red Team: 1. Have the Right Conditions Oftentimes when looking for jobs people are seeking a good culture-fit. A place where they are challenged and won’t become stagnant in their abilities or uninspired causing them to not reach their full potential.
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5 Steps to Building a Vulnerability Management Program Part 2

Oct 18, 2017
Welcome to part two of our series on building a vulnerability management program. Today we go through steps three and four of our build but if you missed last week, you can catch up here. 

Remember These PCI Pen Testing Requirements

Oct 16, 2017
Things just got real for companies that need to comply with PCI requirements. Not only is PCI v3.2 mandated, the PCI Standards Security Council has issued guidance on using penetration testing as part of a vulnerability management program.
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5 Steps to Building a Vulnerability Management Program Pt. 1

Oct 11, 2017
Let's talk about actual tactics you can put in place to start building or improving your vulnerability management program. 
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Who to Have a Part of Your Red Team

Oct 9, 2017
Red Team Basics The SANS definition of a Red Team is, “a process designed to detect network and system vulnerabilities and test security by taking an attacker-like approach to system/network/data access.”