The greatest risk your organization can take in the face of modern threats is to be complacent. It’s no longer acceptable to merely react to incidents and threats. Instead, your organization has to go on the offensive: pre-empting attacks rather than waiting to deal with their aftermath. We are developing solutions that empower organizations to take control of their own security: improving the effectiveness of legacy security infrastructure by predicting likely attacks and identifying the means to thwart them before they occur. Every security-aware organization should be asking the same question; how are we vulnerable today? Vulnerabilities come in many different forms and there are always holes to be found.  Many tools exist today that are capable of consolidating vulnerability data, but what good does it do you to know that you have thousands of vulnerabilities?  Most organizations are full of security products, from firewalls to SIEM tools, and chances are there is too much vulnerability data flowing through these solutions to be handled.  It doesn’t matter if your company is a Fortune 500 powerhouse or a mid-size shop.  Larger companies have to deal with more employees, more work stations and more  data.  Mid-sized organizations do not have nearly as much data to deal with, but they have smaller IT staffs to handle that data.  

Our solution, Core Insight Enterprise, gives you the power to take overwhelming amounts vulnerability data and prioritize the most critical vulnerabilities.  Thus increasing operational efficiency and maximizing an organization’s vulnerability management process.  Having the tools in place to gather vulnerability data is a great first step, but you need to go a step further.  The best way to maximize your investment and increase efficiency within your IT department is to have a process in place to effectively consolidate, analyze and prioritize vulnerability data, turning this data into actionable information. Being reactive about vulnerabilities in your environment leaves your organization susceptible to data loss, can ruin your brand, and can cost you your job.  Is it worth taking the risk of complacency? No, it’s time for predictive security intelligence, welcome to the new age of security.