Ten years ago, Internet worms, e-mail spam and opportunistic hacks were the biggest threats to your corporate network. In response, a stateful inspection firewall, desktop antivirus software and spam filtering could reasonably be expected keep your corporate network protected. Times have changed. Today, attacks against your organization are much more likely to be targeted, stealthy and slow moving. Starting with an initial compromise through targeted e-mail or Web attacks, sophisticated attackers move laterally and quietly within your organization, exploiting employees’ access permissions, misconfigured servers and weakly protected assets to obtain sensitive data, including customer information, financial records and intellectual property. Down in the trenches, that means security-conscious organizations need more than accurate virus signatures and firewall rules to block attacks. Sophisticated, security-conscious organizations need to correlate many pieces of intelligence, often over days or weeks, to spot a successful breach, or the signs of a mounting attack. Intrusion prevention systems, endpoint and network-based data leak protection, Web filtering as well as log management and security incident management tools may all be brought to bear in analyzing a successful or unsuccessful security incident. For successful attacks, weeks are often needed to determine the extent of the attack and the beginning of the recovery.  

But, as many organizations have by now discovered, layered security comes with hidden costs: IT staff or paid consultants who can install, update and manage the products; experts to fine tune configurations and still others to monitor and make sense of the products’ often voluminous output. What they need is a single vision of security infrastructure that cuts through the noise and helps IT staff to understand what’s happening, why and what actions to take.  Above all both security and IT teams need to derive value from security investments they’ve already made. Learn more about increasing operational efficiency with an effective vulnerability management solution.