Hi everyone. CORE Security is a Gold Sponsor this year at the FS-ISAC Fall Summit in Leesburg, VA.  I much prefer the focused and more intimate setting of this style of show and Robin Fantin and the FS-ISAC team do a great job of blending the right mix of security experts and leaders, exciting and breaking-news content, with a good dose of fun-filled evenings.    This year I am particularly pleased as I am seeing the topic of security analytics and intelligence taking center stage.  Of course there is a lot of “big data” hype, but we should see a very tangible convergence from both vendors and security leaders, on exactly what they mean by security intelligence and their early steps on this journey.  There are a couple of sessions on Security analytics including a panel on the Wednesday afternoon where I will be participating. Tuesday morning October 23rd 11:30 am - Vickie Miller, Senior Director of Information Security, FICO will be talking about Predictive Security Intelligence.   I can’t give away all the details – but here is a sneak peak!  She’ll draw some interesting parallels between FICO’s business and applications based on predictive analytics and why security professionals need similar visibility into their data.   Financial services institutions in particular are at the forefront of IT security and most large and mature organizations have responded with investment in layered security controls across their infrastructure.  The problem?  Lack of coordination and correlation at all levels – organizational, data and technology. A Predictive Security Intelligence approach is designed to help organizations develop effective risk frameworks, gain deeper insight from ‘big data’ generated by layered security controls and ultimately communicate that risk in the context of critical assets and financial services processes.   The key questions are:

  • Not what has happened or is happening but what is likely to happen?
  • How do these exposures happen, and how likely and where will they occur next? How do we figure this out at scale?
  • What should security, risk and audit together do next?

Looking forward to meeting you at FS-ISAC