Every day, new vulnerabilities are added to the already overwhelming list of potential exploitable weaknesses that we’re all trying to manage. Instead of working harder to keep your head above the tidal wave of scanner data – you can work smarter – by introducing Attack Intelligence to your existing vulnerability management program.

We’re excited to announce Core Insight® 5.0, with enhanced attack path analytics and greater scalability to better assist you in identifying the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest threat to your organization. Core Insight, our robust, enterprise-grade vulnerability management platform gives you a centralized way to secure your most critical business assets–across your entire IT infrastructure–no matter the size or complexity. Some of the new Core Insight 5.0 features include:

  • Attack Path Ranking: Illustrates the most critical attack paths to help with your remediation efforts
  • Attack Path Modeling via graph technology: Rapidly models your entire network from a potential breach perspective
  • Real-Time Exploit Matching and One-Click Campaigns: Immediate results and efficient evaluation
  • Increased Scalability and Comprehensive Analytics

Here’s a quick breakdown of all the exciting features Core Insight 5.0 has to offer:

  • Interactive Analytics: The previous version of Core Insight introduced the concept of Interactive Attack Paths. Core Insight 5.0 takes the “interactive” capabilities to the next level, enabling users to not only quickly model potential threat scenarios when generating attack paths, but also to run exploit matching and asset filtering exercises interactively (without having to create campaigns).
  • New interactive capabilities also introduced several usability enhancements like the ability of creating campaigns in “on-click” after running interactive simulations.
  • Increased scalability of Centralized Asset Store: Now supporting up to 250K assets
  • Enhanced scalability of Simulation Campaigns: Now supporting up to 25K assets on simulation campaigns. This is a major enhancement for organizations managing large and complex networks
  • Campaign target definition using dynamic asset selection criteria: The impact of newly added systems to an enterprise are auto-analyzed without any changes to Core Insight
  • Enhanced analytics: Ability to blacklist vulnerabilities from analytics results based on business needs.
  • New out-of-the-box connectors and several other enhancements: Added Nexpose to the list and also added support for using AppScan, GFI Languard, and Qualys Web from the asset store (among other various enhancements)
  • Attack engine synchronization with the latest version of Core Impact Pro
  • Enhanced WSAPI: Added new capabilities to existing WSAPI that allows users to better manage/use Core Insight programmatically
  • Improved overall security posture, quality improvements, and several other minor enhancements


Core Insight consolidates and prioritizes your vulnerability scan data to help you cut through the noise of vulnerability data overload. Learn how to work smarter with Core’s Attack Intelligence platform! Think Like An AttackerTM and request a live demo of Core Insight today! Please note: If you're an existing Core Insight user, feel free to reach out to your Core support team, and we'll work with you to upgrade to the latest 5.0 version - beginning in the new year!