Over the past few months we have been talking to our customers, prospects, and partners about how we may work to make Core Impact an even better fit for different organizational needs. We repeatedly heard that you wanted to rapidly build or scale your Pentesting and Red Teams, test more systems in less time, and better train users to recognize and resist phishing campaigns while still staying within your budgets. We listened to your feedback and are pleased to announce an additional Pricing model based on Named Users. This new model is in addition to our existing machine-based Pricing model. With this addition, Core Security now has the most flexible Pricing model in the industry enabling organizations to purchase cybersecurity solutions that best match their business objectives.   

The new Named User Pricing model enables users to leverage an unlimited number of IPs to test and helps organizations fit Core Impact within their budgets. Now, organizations can expand the number of Penetration and Red Team users who have access to Core Impact, to more effectively conduct penetration tests without restricting the number of IPs.

New users receive all the features of Core Impact without any restrictions. That means you will still have the ability to:

  • Pivot across systems, devices, and applications revealing how chains of exploitable vulnerabilities open paths to your organization’s mission-critical systems and data
  • Access the largest library of commercial-grade exploits available
  • Escalate privileges on penetrated systems
  • Test your users with real-world phishing campaigns and train your organization to recognize and resist

Being a leader in the market is about more than having the best software, it’s about being a trusted visionary who is constantly working to produce the most valuable solution for our customers.

If you would like to learn more about our new Named User Pricing model and how it can impact your organization, contact us to schedule a demo here.