Core Insight is the only integrated vulnerability management solution to give organizations the ability to continuously correlate, evaluate, and anticipate their business risks. Used by Fortune 500 firms and other security-conscious organizations world-wide, Insight empowers executives and security leaders to make informed choices about security by aligning IT security operations with their corporate goals and performance objectives. At the same time, it gives them a more accurate understanding of their organization’s risk posture, which allows them to optimize their security budget and increase operational efficiency and streamlined compliance efforts.

With Core Insight, your IT security staff can:


Modern security tools produce a flood of data and alerts. The problem this poses is data overload and resource limitations. Core Insight solves that challenge by managing, collecting and correlating raw network, web and client-side security assessment data across multiple locations and vendors in a single dashboard. With this data, Insight has the capability to simulate potential attack paths showing how real world attacks could exploit your IT infrastructure.


Information does not equal intelligence. That’s why even organizations with pages of CVE’s fall victim to attacks; even those that are matched against known exploits. Intelligence is gained when context is applied to information – giving it meaning and operational significance. Insight correlates and derives intelligence from process, application, and asset interdependencies to give meaning to raw and disparate vulnerability data. This takes validation to the next level, simulating how a vulnerability could be leveraged into a real attack scenario against a production environment giving deeper more thorough intelligence.


Security and vulnerability management processes are constantly changing. Risk exposure and threat postures are dynamic, affected by every shift, everywhere along the IT continuum and lifecycle. Insight allows for continuous monitoring of enterprise risk by automating vulnerability collection, assessment, and analysis across multiple threat vectors based on campaigns built to an organization’s operational risk profile. It quickly identifies the nature and root cause of vulnerabilities advancing trust across departments and improving collaboration. Most importantly, Insight allows the business an answer to the question “Are we more secure then we were yesterday” and a dashboard that helps visualize that confidence. Key Insight capabilities include:

  • Predictive attack path planning leverages patented AI algorithms to show how an attacker can take advantage of weaknesses to get to your most critical assets
  • Multi-vector risk analysis to predict how a real attack could occur through a weakness in your web applications and lead to a breach of critical data in your network
  • Open API that provides the ability to integrate with other technologies used within the ecosystem to add intelligence to the data produced by vulnerability scanners, SIEMs, DLPs, and GRCs.
  • Automate security testing to continuously and proactively assesses the security of your organization’s most critical IT and business assets.

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