Attacks Against Critical Infrastructure Are Rising - Can Our Defense Respond to the Challenge? In his latest article for SecurityWeek, CORE Security CEO Mark Hatton discusses the threats our critical infrastructure faces. Over the past several years there has been increasing coverage of the danger that cyber threats and attacks pose to our infrastructure and ultimately, national security. The prevailing thought being amongst the security community that it was never a matter of “if” but a matter of “when” the United States or its allies would suffer a significant attack. Based on the news out of Israel that a major commuter artery had been subjected to an attack, this seemed like an appropriate time to revisit where we stand in our ongoing battle to protect critical infrastructure. securityweek_logo In this particular situation in Israel, hackers were able to shut down a tunnel system that resulted in major traffic jams. According to the AP, the attack against the Carmel Tunnels on September 8th actually came in two waves. Hackers targeted the Tunnels' camera system, putting the roadway into an immediate lockdown mode and shutting it down for twenty minutes. The next day the attackers managed to break in for even longer during the heavy morning rush hour, shutting the entire system for eight hours. To read the complete article please visit:

Mark Hatton, President, CEO