Black Hat USA 2010 proved to be every bit as exciting and successful for Core Security as we had hoped and expected it would be going in.

The annual Black Hat USA security industry confab in Las Vegas this week proved to be as fantastic as ever for Core Security, as it remains one of the most important events of the year for advancing so many important issues related to our own business and the penetration testing industry itself; And, as always, the show also proved to be a tremendously good time. As in years past, Core’s team was able to meet with many of our customers, business partners and colleagues from the IT security and ethical hacking community. When you stop to think about how many different people we spoke to in our booth and elsewhere, and how excited they are about our company’s products and overall value proposition, it’s actually hard to believe that we were only on site for the better part of a week, and not for a month.

Our CEO Mark Hatton recognized in this space last week that Black Hat USA 2009 represented the most significant iteration of the show that we’ve ever participated in for a number of reasons and it’s safe to say that the conference exceeded expectations across the board, even with the substantial plans that we had going in. The sheer volume of incredibly valuable takeaways that we derived from the event could lend itself to an extremely long blog post, but there were a handful of individual highlights that stand out in looking back at the week. First off, our hats are off to Pennsylvania CISO Bob Maley, who was recognized as the first-ever Core Security Customer of the Year. Bob remains one of our staunchest advocates from a product usage perspective and continues to illustrate an industry-leading vision when it comes to empowering the entire IT security and vulnerability management process via penetration testing. We hope that he displays the award with pride; I know that I speak for everyone in our company when I say that we couldn’t be prouder that Bob continues to work so closely and in such a high-profile manner with Core. Congratulations are also in order for CoreLabs exploit writers Anibal Sacco and Alfredo Ortega, whose presentation on firmware-level rootkit research opened the eyes of attendees and earned substantial pickup from various media outlets.

Black Hat attendees would likely never argue that it’s easy to stand out in such a colorful crowd, and among so many respected security research experts, but the CoreLabs researchers continue to prove why they play such an influential role in the world that we live and do business in. We’d like to offer our heartfelt thanks to the dozens of loyal CORE IMPACT customers who attended our community meetings, providing us with sincere feedback and detailed recommendations about how we can work to continue to make our products even more relevant to their efforts. There is so much going on at any given time at Black Hat, we greatly appreciate their willingness to dedicate so much of their time to helping us continue to evolve and mature our automated pen testing solutions. An even bigger thanks goes out to the organizations who were represented at the latest meeting of our Customer Advisory Board, and who took to the stage to lead our conversations in the Core Customer Community events and roundtables. The value of expertise and insight provided by these participants, and their dedication to helping to drive future development of our products and business cannot be overstated.  

And, of course, we really enjoyed meeting all of the fascinating people who stopped by our booth to learn more about what we do or to offer their own feedback and compliments about our software. We handed out over 1200 T-shirts and hundreds of our trademark flashing pens. We’ll hope to see as many of this year’s shirts at Black Hat 2010 as we saw 2008 shirts at this year’s convention. It goes without saying that we had a blast hanging out with everyone who made it over to Sushi Roku for the annual Core Black Hat celebration. There’s no question that the Black Hat crowd definitely knows how to party. I’m sure that it won’t seem that an entire year has passed when we begin preparing for the USA show once again, and before that there will be Black Hat shows in DC and Europe to dive into. And our presence in Vegas continues through the Defcon conference that’s running over this weekend. Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their innovative thoughts and ideas with all of us at the Black Hat 2009 conference. We hope to see all of you there again next year.