We are pleased to announce the availability of CORE Impact v2013 R1.4 for our customers. This is our most-recent and final update for Impact 2013 R1. During the following weeks the team will be fully focused on fitting and finishing our upcoming major release 2013 R2 that was presented at Black Hat and will be announced soon. CORE_Impact_logo So, what’s new in R1.4?

  • Updated Qualys Guard importer now adding support for the latest version available
  • Ability to import identities from Mimikatz
  • Update “Mitigation Report” that  now allows you to track the evolution of detected exposures
  • More than 30 new exploits
  • Several performance improvements on Information Gathering modules
  • Support for integrating CORE Impact with Metasploit 4.7
  • Additional maintenance and bug fixing modules

In addition, our customers received the following functionality moving from R 1.1 to R1.4

  • More than 160 updates including  new modules (Customer requests), enhancements, exploits, etc
  • Support for integrating CORE Insight and CORE Impact Professional
  • Several new or updated importers allowing users to feed CORE Impact with results provided by third-      party tools like “ACAS Nessus”, “Cenzic”, “Qualys Web Application Scanner”, etc
  • Approximately 100 new exploits
  • Support for single-stage, Windows x86-64 agents while using DNS Channel
  • Information-gathering improvements and numerous other enhancements

As mentioned R1.4 is the last minor release before announcing CORE Impact 2013 R2. Stay tuned. Thank you for your continuous and valuable feedback. Please send us your questions and suggestions, your input helps us to offer an even better solution. Flavio de Cristofaro – Vice President of Engineering for Professional Products To learn more about CORE Impact click here http://www.coresecurity.com/penetration-testing-overview