We've previously announced that in order to deliver an even higher level of value and service for our customers we created teams of more dynamic groups who could deliver powerful new updates to our customers via smaller, but more frequent releases. While our engineering team remains committed to a major release later this year; the one-two punch of the Exploit Effectiveness Team and the L3 Team have both been creating content. In March, we released over 50 updates. These updates ranged from extending the range of third-party products that Impact can inter-operate - allowing users to better work within their existing processes and procedures - to the  latest exploits that ensure our users are performing the most up-to-date assessment of their infrastructure for exploitable vulnerabilities as well as extending the capabilities of multiple techniques within Impact. With the release of Impact v2013 R1.2 the trend continues. With almost 40 updates released the teams have been focused on refining and improving the agent technology behind Impact. For anyone who is familiar with the technical under-workings of Impact the patented agent technology is a key part of what makes Impact both a powerful and complex product but yet so easy to use. An exciting addition is the release of deeper integration between CORE Impact and CORE Insight;  CORE Insight Enterprise is a vulnerability management solution that ensures organizations achieve unmatched operational efficiency by gathering, correlating and prioritizing overwhelming amounts of vulnerability data in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the risks facing their most critical assets. It can do this at great scale; with this release Impact can now "reach into" Insight and pull out the latest information pertinent to an area about to be tested. This reduces the need for Information Gathering and allows Impact, and its operator, to spend more time testing for and confirming complex risk and attack paths. When completed, the Impact user can then push those results back into Insight to be used for additional risk calculation, attack path generation and risk reporting - all with the accurate; false positive-free results from Impact. As always, when one release ends another begins, we will continue to have more critical updates, exploits and features for our customers, due for 2013 R1.3; BlackHat Vegas and beyond... Alex Horan – Impact Product Manager