5 Trends for Cybersecurity in 2017

1. The Internet of Things as a Trojan Horse

  • These seemingly innocent devices bring vulnerabilities into your network
  • By default, these devices are open to the internet and are rarely reconfigured from the default settings meaning every connection from the IoT is putting your network in danger. 
  • If you do not have an IoT policy in place, now is the time to start. While default settings are easy for the user, they are an open door for bad actors to your data. 


2. Increased Regulations

Regulators are widening their view of cybersecurity by:

  • Enforcing new foreign cyber laws 
  • Increasing interest in the small to medium business market
  • Regulations to stop ransomware attacks


3. Intelligence as a Driver

  • Security needs to be predictive and have the ability to identify threats before they happen and shut them down. 
    • 25B internet records scanned daily
    • 442,416 suspicious devices
  • Make sure your cyber threat solutions can detect, deter and remediate cybersecurity threats. 


4. Identity is Back

  • Millennials lead the way - Millennials have different expectations on how and when they can and should access information. 
  • Standards are changing - Thanks to these new expectations, businesses are being forced to change their access abilities and give users more freedom. 
  • Users as the weakest link - Users will always be the weakest link in the security structure. In order to make sure your network access is secure, you need a network threat detection solution to continuously and comprehensively monitor your access.


5. Spear Phishing Attacks

  • Bad Actors search through your company to find their target
  • They research using social networks to find enough information to weaponize it against the target
  • They exfiltrate, using information to exploit or extort information from the company and/or individual

In 2016 we saw spear phishing attacks take two different forms - exploiting information on mergers and/or acquisitions to take advantage of the market or attacks on news media exploiting non-public corporate information to trade prior to public release to make millions. 

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