Wireless Network Penetration Testing

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Core Impact® Pro’s wireless penetration testing capabilities enable you to assess your organization’s readiness against real-world attacks originating over Wi-Fi networks. With Core Impact Pro, you proactively replicate the actions of a would-be attacker to reveal exploitable weaknesses in your wireless and backend networks – gaining actionable data at each step for efficient and effective risk mitigation.

Core Impact Pro allows you to replicate multistaged attacks that leverage compromised wireless networks to target backend resources, revealing how chains of exploitable vulnerabilities can open paths to mission-critical systems and data.


Key Capabilities

  • Discovery of both known and unauthorized Wi-Fi networks and access points
  • Identification of devices interacting with the network
  • Information gathering on network strength, security protocols and connected devices
  • Attack and penetration of networks encrypted with WEP, WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK
  • Man-in-the-Middle (MiTM) attack replication
  • Wi-Fi Pineapple Mark V Support for FakeAP
  • Beaconing machine detection
  • SSID impersonation
  • Automated traffic sniffing for finding streams of sensitive data
  • Capabilities for joining cracked networks and testing backend systems
  • Comprehensive reporting of wireless testing activities and findings
  • Seamless pivoting between wireless, network, web application and endpoint tests, replicating multi-staged attacks that trace chains of vulnerabilities to sensitive backend data


Pivoting: Trace Attack Paths from Wireless Networks to Backend Data

Only Core Impact Pro offers true multistaged penetration testing capabilities, allowing users to replicate attacks that can occur after the initial Wi-Fi network compromise. By integrating wireless assessments with web application, network and endpoint testing, Core Impact Pro reveals and documents paths of exposure to sensitive data residing on backend systems.


Share Actionable Data for Efficient Remediation

Core Impact Pro generates reports of wireless networks discovered, client-to-access point relationships, and access point profile information. Reports also include information about which networks were tested against attacks, which were successfully compromised, and which weaknesses allowed the compromise.

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