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Validating Security Investments

Penetration Testing for Higher Education

Validating Security Investments

 Most educational institutions operate on fixed IT security budgets and therefore must ensure that every dollar spent delivers optimal return on investment in providing protection and meeting their organizations’ compliance needs. It’s also vital for educational sector IT security teams to be able to illustrate how their previous investments are still paying off and where additional spending on new projects will produce tangible results.

Using our products to conduct comprehensive security testing enables organizations to proactively assess the efficacy of their network, endpoint, web application and e-mail defenses are working properly by allowing them to:

  • Validate that defensive technologies are working properly and preventing attacks.
  • Locate potential gaps that exist between disparate security point products.
  • Ensure that defensive systems do not themselves harbor exploitable vulnerabilities.
  • Tune IDS/IPS and other mechanisms to maximize their performance in the face of cutting-edge threats.
  • Illustrate the process of evaluating products to determine ROI and influence future buying decisions.

Learn how conducting penetration testing at educational institutions can help you to:

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