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Attack Intelligence Platform

Think Like An Attacker

The Core Security Attack Intelligence platform proactively identifies the most likely threats to your business by simulating what an attacker would do to reach your critical assets. With this attack intelligence, based on our patented attack path simulation, you are able to effectively narrow your focus to the most vulnerable points on your network and applications.

Attack Intelligence Platform

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The Core Attack Intelligence Platform

Core Security offers the industry's most comprehensive and extensible attack intelligence platform, backed by more than 15 years of applied expertise and focus on attacker behavior. Through our patented attack path planner (simulation) and attack engine (testing), the platform correlates known exploits with identified vulnerabilities and actual attacks. This is combined with other security and network data to form potential attack paths to critical business assets.

Core Security attack path intelligence

The strength of the Core Attack Intelligence Platform is the synergy between Core Security Consulting Services (SCS), Core Impact Pro and Core Insight.The platform is based on knowledge and experience acquired by the SCS team, and transferred to Core Impact and Insight in the form of new features, attacker patterns and exploits. Similarly, Core Impact is an integral part of the platform's attack path engine. When organizations simulate attack paths through Core Insight, they will utilize Core Impact to further validate and test vulnerabilities to ensure a secure environment.

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