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Meeting Industry Regulations

Organizations of all sizes must comply with various industry regulations such as PCI-DSS, NERC/FERC, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, and FISMA/NIST. As an example, Healthcare organizations are faced with complex HIPAA-HITECH audits requiring measures to protect electronic protected health information, with the looming potential of heavy financial penalties. Similarly, PCI-DSS requires frequent penetration testing upon changes to infrastructure or applications.

The Core Security Attack Intelligence Platform can reveal risks to your critical assets on a continuous basis. Unlike other security solutions, it does not scan for potential vulnerabilities or monitor for incidents. Instead, it proactively uses known attacker techniques to find and exploit weaknesses that expose critical assets to data breaches, which is the primary focus of most industry regulations.

The Core Security Attack Intelligence Platform helps your organization meet industry regulations through:

  • Detailed and flexible reporting showing prioritized exploitable vulnerabilities, security assessment data, and remediation options customizable by each critical asset.
  • Multiple dashboards, customized by role, with security posture trends related to credit card risk, website defacement, customer passwords, etc.
  • Targeted, live exploit testing for industry specific assets such as a SOX database or ePHI application.

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